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About the author

I was a professional dancer for almost 18 years travelling around the world, a dance teacher with my own studios, and a choreographer for various stage plays and television shows, until one day it was time for a change.

Whilst studying an Access course for higher education, the lockdown of 2020 happened and, because I wanted to continue sitting at my desk to get myself prepared for potential uni life, I decided to start writing. I would wake up with the sun rise and join the 5am writers club, sitting there with my pot of coffee to get myself going. Before i knew it I would have written 3000-5000 words before 8am. With the help from my husband Alex, who was also in the middle of writing his first book too, all the edits and re-writes were complete and I published The Factory within 3 months of starting it. 2020 really threw its challenges at a lot of people, including myself, with job changes, money worries, plus many more, but I kept on going and ploughed myself into starting another book. This time though I wanted to write a full length novel to say that I had done it.

Here I am now, a self published author with three books out. The Blayze Carlson series; CRUISE #1, SNATCHED #2, and THE FACTORY, a novella and side story to the series. I am currently in the middle of writing the third book in the Blayze Carlson series which i am hoping to get out by the end of this year.

I really enjoying writing and it has helped me refocus my creativity into a new passion. I would encourage anyone to take it up and make that first step, you just never know where and what it may lead to.

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Blayze Carlson Series

Sun. Sea. Sand.


After closing a case, Special Agent Blayze Carlson just wanted to get away.

What better than a Caribbean cruise?

But when tragedy strikes, his vacation takes a turn for the worse.

A storm approaches.

The captain is missing. Crew numbers are falling. Can Blayze find the killer before the cruise ends?

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Three years. Seven children.

Zero suspects.

Blayze Carlson is brought in to help Special Agent Rebecca Scott and her team, on the hunt for a kidnapper known as ‘The Holiday Snatcher’.

Time is running out.

They will need to do everything they can before the holidays are over and the theme parks close. Personal issues will need to be put aside if he is to help the families of the missing children.

Known as ‘‘The Closer’, can Blayze catch this guy before he strikes again?

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how far would you go to save your family?

this time it's personal for special agent Blayze Carlson. His brother is being held to ransom and timeis running out.

blayze is off to vegas to save him, but it's not just matty who's in danger.

will the biggest gamble of blayze's life pay off?


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Now dead, Peter will have to follow everyone he knows to solve the mystery of his own murder. What he discovers on the way in not what he had expected.

"Author Zak Yates plunges readers into a violent, fast-paced murder mystery in The Factory. This book wastes no time in establishing its premise: a newly dead Peter becomes an afterlife investigator of his own murder, and discovers that being a ghost does have certain advantages. As more bodies begin to fall, Peter discovers that the mystery of his death is far larger and closer to home that he would have ever imagined. Leaping from one intense scene to the next, this manic story is undeniably dark – boldly touching on issues of abuse, dishonesty, and repressed aggression. Delivering a raw story packed with unapologetic drama, there is a jagged authenticity to the writing that makes this short novella a compelling read."

Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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" A gripping read that is difficult to put down. I'd recommend that you only start this book when you have time to stay and finish it!"

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" As an avid reader I wondered if the brevity of this story would disappoint. How wrong I was. With an intriguing storyline that captivates the reader, the author draws you in as though encouraging you to assume the identity of the main character. Very clever. I await the next book with eager anticipation"

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" I really enjoyed The Factory, it kept me gripped from start to finish. Just what I needed to escape the lockdown boredom, I look forward to Zak's next book!"

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"High drama on the high seas.

Zak sure knows how to create drama and suspense on the high seas! A great read that has you eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next. Definitely recommend."

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An Amazing Read

"This book had me hooked from the very beginning. The author's talent for writing draws you in from the very first page and the pace and suspense is kept up throughout, it really is an amazing read. I would definitely recommend it and i can't wait for the next one!"

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"Cruise had my hooked from the start... Having just returned from a Caribbean cruise it transported me back. Well done the Author for a look behind the scenes & also the compelling storyline of a mass murder investigation.. Blayze Carlson is a dish & I can't wait to see where he ends up next. Move over Colombo Blayze is coming through. A must read."

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"Loved Cruise from the first to the last page. Gripping and edgy, the author captured life on board a cruise ship with all the simmering tensions and clandestine love affairs perfectly. Really liked Blaze and Simon as lead characters and a cracking ending too. Well done Zak."

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"Zak Yates has done it again! His first book, THE FACTORY was great, this is better!! Again he kept me guessing who the killer was! Love it, highly recommend it to murder mystery lovers. Can't wait to read more of BLAYZE!!"


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"This is the second book in the Blayze Carlson series and it did not disappoint. I was gripped from the very beginning and couldn't put it down! Zak has definitely left it open for a third (fingers crossed), can't wait to read the next one!!!!"

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"Absolutely gripped from the first page, read in record time as I couldn’t put it down, I needed too know what was coming next, blaze didn’t disappoint, yet another great read from zak yates can’t wait too see what’s next in store for blaze Carlson, if you haven’t already I urge you too buy cruise and snatched by this up n coming great author."

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"Another excellent book with the main character Blayze Carlson again taking centre stage, fast paced from the beginning all the way through leading to a gripping ending. I'm already looking forward to the next Blayze Carlson novel, well done Zak."

"The second book in the Blayze Carlson series, third overall from New talent ZAK YATES! Really enjoyed this new book from start to finish, took me a couple of hours to read as I couldn't put it down, excellent."

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"Another exciting case for Carson. He identifies suspects and scenarios, only for some to lead him up blind alleys. An intriguing mix of politics and crime, with fast moving investigations throughout."

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